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Internship Program

Essence of the Internship Programme

Benefits of the Programme

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Essence of the Internship Programme


We are a law firm doing things differently. We believe in nurturing leaders of tomorrow. One of the ways to achieve this is by assisting law students in finding their path into the legal profession. We give them international insights and diverse perspectives to unlock
possibilities and make an impact on their future as lawyers.

We believe that the actualization of the vision above hinges on the recruitment, training, and retention of the best law students. As such we have a strict Internship Programme [the Programme] designed to ensure we recruit the best law students from different universities in Malawi and abroad

Internship Program

Objectives of the Programme

The key objectives of the Programme include but are not limited to the following:

To seriously introduce you to our work and practice in terms of our vision, mission statement, and core values.

To provide the necessary link between Ritz and a pool of human resources in terms of employable lawyers.

To provide an excellent opportunity for you to make a great lawyer before your time.

To provide you with the opportunity to get under the skin of our business and get a genuine feel for what it is like to work with us.

To provide you with hands-on experience by having you participate in actual work with clients and involving you in anything from legal research to attending meetings or court.

To allow you to sharpen your presentation skills, work effectively in teams, and negotiate legal problems. Partners provide talks about our practice areas to help you better understand the breadth of the work of the Firm;

To share with you a comprehensive professional experience in our dynamic and team-oriented Firm. At the end of the Programme, you shall feel a strong sense of accomplishment and an in-depth understanding of what it is like to work in our highly-charged professional environment. For many of you, the Programme shall provide the path to a full-time position in the Firm upon graduation;

To give you hands-on experience and a chance to see how legal theories are used in real-life scenarios. This helps you to develop key professional skills like communicating, researching, and drafting;

To provide you with great opportunities to network and learn from our remarkable and highly knowledgeable team of Partners; and To assist you at an early stage in deciding what kind of law or service sector you wish to
specialize in and therefore set career goals accordingly.

Benefits of the Programme

Practical experience

We offer you valuable opportunities to apply your knowledge to real-world situations, providing practical experience. We enable you to work in real-world legal environments, gaining exposure to various legal tasks, such as legal research, drafting legal documents, attending client meetings, and participating in court proceedings.

By working alongside experienced Partners, you gain insights into how the law is practiced in real-life scenarios. You observe how our Partners analyze and apply legal concepts and navigate the complexities of the legal system

Our Partners assist you to apply their legal knowledge and skills to practical situations, working on real cases, researching legal issues, and drafting legal documents. This hands-on experience helps you develop essential skills for your legal career, such as legal research, writing, communication, and time management.

Networking opportunities

We give you the chance to work alongside our Partners and through them make valuable connections within the industry. These connections can lead to job opportunities, recommendations, and introductions to other legal professionals and potential clients.

The contacts we help you make during the Programme provide you with insights into the profession, such as the latest legal developments, the demands of the job, and the expectations of employers. This information is valuable in guiding your career decisions.

Exposure to the intricacies of the legal system

The Programme presents a fantastic opportunity for you to acquire first-hand exposure to the Malawi legal system and gain practical knowledge of how the same operates.

The Programme provides several areas of exposure to you, such as court visits, legal research, drafting and pleading, client interaction, legal compliance, and advocacy skills.

Overall, we give excellent exposure to the Malawi legal system, its practices, and its procedures, which is essential for their future careers in the legal profession.

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